From the material to the fabric selection, color perfection to design elements, Roshaans Furniture products gives enhanced appeal and freedom to have the utmost combinations that anyone desires for their living spaces. We are all set to provide premium Turkish furniture in Pakistan best quality furniture for every home.

Having years of experience and expertise in the field of Furniture manfacturing and being the pioneers of Turkish Style Furniture Manufacturing in Pakistan, the company’s designs are presented across every city, district and town; displaying various combinations of  fabric and wood color deco and polishing options.

The Roshaans has stood out among the masses since its foundation with the trailblazing efforts, innovations,  and productive approach towards the industry enhancemeent and growth; nevertheless keeping unity and solidarity in the industrial alliance and with workers at large. It respects and values every individual; designers and craftsman who has been part of this endeavor and letting “The Roshaans”  a way forward to achieve its numerous goals.

Today it’s far more than holding just a status of a company that manufactures and sells furniture. The Roshaan’s has become one the renowned brand of Furniture. As a brand it aims to give utmost pleasure and comfort to customers’ and adding more values to their living spaces. Roshaans also offer solutions tailored to your industrial needs, especially bulk orders.  

Today The Roshaan’s has been awarded as a fast-growing and globally competitive furniture brand in market. The success endeavor continues with passion for unity and growth in the new markets. It aims to revolutionize the Furniture trends and industrial approach in Pakistan and globally backed by creative concepts, in-house designs, cultural elements and a wide product range. We have a wide distribution channels, following the designs and developments to the final delivery. 

Types Of Furniture at The Roshaans

The brand has adorned every aspect of art and creativity to bring classy, luxury, Turkish, in vogue and functional furniture for its clients keeping the quality on mark for every room of the home and even office. We offer largest variety of different types of modern, classical, luxury and Turkish Style home furniture in Pakistan. From bedrooms sets, kids furniture, dining rooms furniture, sofas and couch and more- each of our collection is a unique timeless piece of art and craftsmanship built to meet the need of a modern user as well as those who love contemporary and vinatge touch. We have a wide distribution channels, following the designs and developments to the final delivery. 

Modern Furniture Concept: 

Dedicated to the fastest growing city life and consumer’s behavior we design and develop furniture that best suits the modern trend and demand. The popularity of our modern furniture designs is accredited to our designers and artist for their futuristic vision and artistic approach. It’s their vision where they are working to create functional furniture together with craftsmen that has aesthetics and is appealing and practical at the same time.  Our Modern designs also includes the usage of metal elements in Furniture pieces. This gives it a timeless appeal and adds design feature to the product. Our Craftsmen are experimenting regularly, using new materials and developing new modern design furniture for users.

Classical Furniture Concept:

Classical Furniture perpetually stands as a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Inspired by the art and craftsman of mid-century era, our dedicated workers work endlessly to create great classical furniture pieces. From Royal beds to canopy beds to Chesterfield sofas and couch will continue to hold some elements from history when it comes to a Royal home’s designing. Even no matter how modern furniture trend has changed, the style and sophistication that a classic furniture beholds is undeniable.

Home Furniture Concepts

With recent years trends of Home Interiors have drastically changed. Consumers love to work on themes and concepts and so do we. We understand the need and perspective of every home owner and how they want to set their various spaces. At The Roshaan’s we have a Furniture piece for each corner of your home. From larger living space to smaller lounge and dining area, large bedrooms that acquire luxury Furniture to small bedrooms that needs more trendy and practical furniture to settle with, we have it all.

Office Furniture Concepts

Modern evolution in interior designing concepts and Industrial Architecture the concept of Office Furniture is completely revolutionized. More practical yet chic, more elegant and classy and what we call upon is everything in vogue! Office cabins to waiting areas and lounge and lobby all needs to be well set. Our craftsmen duly understand the Modern Interior Design concept and work in collaboration with many industrial architects to create and provide functional furniture as per their demand.

Turkish Beds Sofas & Sofa Sets

The demand of Turkish style furniture is at its peak and we take pride to offer the best Turkish Style Furniture in Pakistan.  Turkish style Living room furniture which is the heart of all homes where one usually sit back and relax, The Roshaan’s has the best collection of all. From luxurious Turkish sofas and couch to Luxury Turkish Sofa sets we have the widest range; all manufactured in Pakistan. We have a team of Turkish designers and Craftsmen who have partnered with us in complete manufacturing process. From an elegant design to an ultra-modern furniture or a more traditional style furniture to Luxury furniture; we have all types of Turkish Furniture range.

From golden to ornate armchairs and couch to fabric designs, natural or wooden based sofa designs, Modern chic Bedroom furniture in karachi and more- The Turkish furniture at The Roshaan’s factory outlet has everything you need.


In line with our customers’ requirement and expectation and in accordance with universal standards, The Roshaan’s family continues to grow and weaves cultural richness, quality and trust in every design and model we deliver thereby contributing towards country’s economy and growth.

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