Sofas are long term investments for your home. Good sofa set designs for your home either you chose for drawing room or need sofas for your living room, they add an extra value to your ambiance and leave an everlasting impression on your guests. 

Sofas aren’t any luxury rather they have become part of our daily routine usage. Their quality, design and durability are very vital features to be considered. They serve as the make it or break it element for the people using and the guests who visits you.

Best Drawing Room Sofas in Pakistan

There are many variety available to make a choice for buying a sofa, But it seems extremely difficult to understand and trust the material and quality you are getting. Since you are indulging into an expense likely to renovate your home therefore your investment is important.

It’s also recommended to check and try the sofas or couch or chairs that you are buying. Before buying get yourself cleared what purpose is it to serve and which area of the house you are buying them for? In the living room it serves as a piece of furniture where as in the lounge we entertain family and friends, watch TV, read, eat and drink and even sleep,

So, it’s important to make wise decision and invest in a good quality sofa that  will last for years to come. While choosing a sofa or a couch, one should consider quality frame, design, cushion, upholstery and more before buying.


The way we test mattress and we do the age-old bottom test, the same theory applies while buying a sofa. Seats depth vary as the average sofa seat depth is atleast 60cm. The depth is quite workable as it gives plenty of room to manoeuvre. But definitely one should try out different styles and make sure you are getting good back support. try before you buy to make sure it suits the whole family.

Its always recommended to spend on a quality frame along with its cushioning as what’s inside a sofa is just as important as what’s outside.  No one wants to compromise on the comfort level. Now comes the fabric so always focus on it as how well the color and pattern suits your surrounding and what is the quality of upholstery fabric being used. design . Never compromise on Quality and Durability.

Some materials may fade with passage of time and do wear and tear while others last lifelong. It’s important to see that the placement is indoor or is the sofa being exposed to sunlight or keep away from sun rays. 

It’s important to see that how big is your family and wisely choose the colors. If too many kids and pets the light colors is never recommended. Choose the color wisely. One more tip for buying sofa sets is to check that you can walk around with ease and have enough space left for shelves and other pieces of furniture, or for cupboards openings, doors and windows etc. An ideal sofa is, that best fits the space and is durable and comfortable both.

Modern Sofa Designs for Home in Pakistan

There are different kinds of sofa sets and single sofa chairs and recliners available in the market. The search can be sometimes tardy. Knowing you have a reliable dealer near you makes your task easy and can get the best buy at best price. 

Today The Roshaan’s community is growing that’s build on trust. We deliver what we promise. Modern, trendy, Turkish, Vintage or any piece of art you have in mind, just one visit to our nearest factory outlet will answer all your queries.

Types of Sofa sets we offer:

  • Drawing Room Sofas
  • Lounge Sofas
  • Living Rooms Sofas
  • L-Shaped Sofas
  • Couch
  • Study Room Sofas
  • Bedroom Sofas
  • Sofa Come Bed
  • Kids Room Sofas


Pakistani designs are known globally and the artisans and craftsmanship are much admired among the interior designers for their unique ideas. From vintage to Contemporary and modern designs, discover the best sofas for your Living Room, Drawing Room or any area in your home and office with the Roshaan’s Furniture Craftsmanship. Undeniable element of beauty, inspired by mid-century, contemporary art, vintage or industrial style; Roshaan;s is known as the best Furniture manufacturer in Pakistan. Among all the brands Roshaan’s have been receiving best furniture brand of the year award for consecutive few years. Get ready to be inspired when you visit The Roshaans!

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