Best Bedroom Sets in Karachi, Pakistan:

A room shall always be filled with high quality furniture and other important things especially the bedroom. A bedroom can be filled with many things but a furniture set is the most essential things to place in a bedroom. Here is a list of things that you should get for your bedroom.

In a bedroom, you cannot possibly forget a bed, of course. However, A bed is not the only thing that you should be getting but a whole set. A bedroom set can consist of many different things but the most common and essential things included in the set are, a bed itself, side tables/nightstands, and a dressing table. These are the most common and essential things that you should be getting in the first place

These might not catch your attention as you might already have a bed in your room but trust us you will regret not buying one for yourself. Chairs are one of the most important things to get because sometimes you just want to sit anywhere except the bed, or you might have more people in your room, and many other things. Therefore, having a chair for your bedroom might be a good deal.

What is the point of a bed if you do not have a television? Binge watching on a bed is just so enjoyable, isn’t it? Nevertheless, where do you place the TV? This is where the TV/LCD unit comes in. Having it can solve many of your problems like a TV just hanging on the wall it does not feels right. A LCD unit is great for placing this while having more space to put different items such as USB’s, CD’s, or video games. It is something great to have.

It will not be right to fill your room to the throat but if you have a room big enough why don’t have a chat while having sips of coffee? A coffee table can be a great addition to your bedroom and you can use it for other purposes too and not just for having coffee.

Having a storage for clothes is essential and wardrobes fulfill it but having a more modern and stylish wardrobe isn’t a bad idea after all. Sliding wardrobes are just like normal ones it is just that they add beauty and elegance to your whole bedroom and gives it a more modern look.

Best Bed Designs of the Year

After a long day at work or being away from home, the only thing you need is rest, and the best place for that is your warm bed. It is a delicate, rectangular hug in the form of furniture.

Furniture is one of the most essential things to have in your home. However, choosing from so many different types of beds can be a tricky task, yet important. Some of the time people take it so obvious that they overlook the most important factors before buying one for themselves.

Given the significance of beds for the home, you should pick a bed according to your bedroom, such as the size of it, strength, and longevity.

Platform Bed

This is one of the most established and exemplary sorts of bed available in the market. Platform beds were very famous before storage beds came into existence. These types of beds are best for small rooms as well as for those with a large space. These are low-profile beds and consist of a solid one-piece base of wood. Initially they consisted of wooden legs but with time and modernisation, they have evolved and now come with detachable legs. Furthermore, because it is made of single piece of wood it does not require a box spring or any other accessory, you just need to place it and its ready.

Box Bed

As you can tell by its name these types of beds look like a box and that is the reason why it is called a box bed. It is one of the oldest type of bed and has been used for a very long time. Bed box is famous and popular for its storage capacity because of the space under the mattress. You can store a lot of things including bags, clothes, and many more while saving up space in the room.

Bunk Beds

These types of beds are best for kids and for saving room space too. Bunk beds are just multiple beds placed over one another. These beds can have up to 4 beds but you can have as many as you want by requesting for it. While people generally use it for their kids you can use it for yourself too if you have limited space and are a family of more than 3.

By deploying a bunk bed, you get a lot of space in that particular room. Furthermore, kids love to play and this bed provide them with what they need. They also grow strong relationships while living, playing, and sleeping together.



This type of bed is very popular nowadays and as the name suggests it is both a bed and a sofa. Sofa-cum-bed is an innovation of this era. With urbanization, lodging society, small flats, high rent, and so on individuals are searching for great furniture solutions that fill their needs. This is why it was made and it serves the purpose.

It is a convertible solution similar to the one in the cars. It is a sofa that can turn into a bed serving both options at the same time while saving space. You can convert it in either of them according to your needs. It is comfortable, space-proficient, and is available in various types.

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Elegance (RB-18) Bed Dressing

Bed, dressing table and 2 side tables included in mentioned price.

Canny (RB-15) Bed Dressing

Bed, dressing & 2 side tables are included in mentioned prices.

Dekure (RB-16) Bed Dressing

Bed, dressing & 2 side tables are included in mentioned prices.

Sepia (RB-09) Bed Dressing

Bed, dressing table and 2 side tables are included in mentioned rates.

Earth (RB-14) Bed Dressing

King Size bed with 2 side tables and dressing table.