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If you are looking for a beautiful turn in a new direction, discover The Roshaan's - Best Furniture Brand in Karachi, & Across Pakistan. We create high-style designers, filled with personality, and offered at an exceptional value.

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Dinning tables are essential furniture for every home. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs.


When you think of The Roshaan’s, think of a highly edited portfolio of furnishings – from classic to modern in detail – defined by exceptional style. We are the best Home Furniture Brand in Karachi, Pakistan. You can visit our factory outlet, which is exceptionally built to appeal to your eyes and to make you better understand what you want to have in your home. You can also check the quality of all our products there and assure yourself what you are getting.


Home Furniture is in our blood! Our Designs are a true inspiration of Retro and Modern Art fusion. Our team members are extremely passionate and are of different ages and come from different backgrounds making our environment full of diversity and richness. In our furniture factory, we ensure that everything we craft is of high quality with no fault. Our craftsmen are experienced and our machines are highly advanced which ensures that whatever comes out of the factory is exceptional and according to the consumers’ needs.

Roshaan - Modern Home Furniture Brand in Pakistan

If you really want to make your home like a masterpiece then your selection of home décor and furniture must be very classy. One needs to be very vigilant while choosing a brand for buying the latest home furniture. In Karachi and even across the Pakistan, there are not many choices you have to get the best products since most of the manufacturers are still supplying old designs and even inferior quality.

At Roshaan Furniture, you will get all amazing designs of Turkish furniture and Modern Furniture under a single roof including a complete range of Bedrooms Sets, Dining & Living Room Furniture (Center Table, Sofa Sets & More), TV Units, and even modern selection of Children bedroom set, bunk beds, Storage & Organizers and more.

There are various categories we are covering up but we have a specialized skilled team for all your furniture needs. We are catering for a long and have earned a great clientele simply by providing products you actually need. Providing Modern home Furniture at the best price is the core of our business.

As per the company mission, we believe in creating long-run and quality relation with our clients

Modern Turkish Furniture in Karachi

At Roshaans, we ooze up your aesthetics and decor with only the finest Turkish furniture in K-Town. Modern Turkish furniture is defined by its outstanding characteristics, designs, materials, and cloth that is used to craft visually appealing masterpieces.

The materials used in modern Turkish furniture vary, but many designs incorporate natural materials such as wood, leather, and woven fabrics. Turkish craftsmen often use traditional woodworking techniques, including intricate carving and detailed inlay work, to create unique pieces that are both functional and beautiful.

Another thing that makes our products stand out is comfort. Our products prioritize comfort, with designs that prioritize ergonomics and functionality. This can result in pieces that are not only beautiful but also comfortable to use and live with.

We have storage organizers, kids’ furniture, dining tables, bedroom sets, and overall home furniture with in-fashion Turkish designs in the market.